Second Chances

Second Chances


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"Who the f**k gave you the right to enter my room? Do you think this is your daddy dearest\'s house where you can waltz around like some f**king princess? Listen to me carefully for I hate repeating myself. You were and will always be someone whom I have dearly hated since childhood. I never liked you then, and I will never like you now or in future. There is no place for you in my room or my life. I love someone else and you don\'t hold a candle to her, you get that? So just take all your belongings and get the f**k out of my room!" Elton thundered the moment he saw Adrianna in his room, her suitcases neatly placed near his wardrobe.

Taken aback by his outburst just a few hours after their wedding, Adrianna couldn\'t control the tears that threatened to blur her vision. They had known each other since they were kids, had so many memories despite his temper tantrums, and yet here they were, a few years later, where Elton couldn\'t even bear to be near her. What wrong had she done?

"And while you drag your sorry ass out of my room, make sure no one sees you. I have had enough trouble because of you. Now leave! I hate repeating myself!" He shouted again.

Dumbfounded, Adrianna tried to move her feet, but it seemed that her body was not cooperating with her mind, and neither was her heart. The boy she had admired since childhood had grown up to be a handsome man indeed, but an equally ill-tempered, selfish, rude brat. She didn\'t know where she was at fault. Was this her punishment for agreeing to what her parents had proposed?


Adrianna Morgan is a demure, kind-hearted girl belonging to an affluent family and has lived a rather sheltered life. When fate ties her in holy matrimony with her childhood friend, she is overjoyed to be able to help out the person she has had a crush on since teenage. Her happiness, however, is short-lived when she actually realises the kind of person her friend has grown up to be, and the level to which he will stoop to make her life miserable. Unaware of the reasons that dominate his intense dislike towards her, she makes continuous efforts to transform herself into a dutiful wife with the hope that he would fall for her one day the way she has been.


Elton Scott is a self-centered, arrogant, rude and selfish multimillionaire, courtesy his grandfather\'s hard work and his father\'s business acumen. When a trail of poor business decisions threatens to destroy the Scott legacy, Elton\'s father wholeheartedly accepts the Morgans\' decision to wed Adrianna and Elton, given the decades old friendship between both the families. Elton, however, downright objects to this alliance but his father has an ace up his sleeve that forces him to agree to the proposal. He tries all possible means to make Adrianna break this relationship but his actions are futile, as he doesn\'t know the love she harbours for him.


A series of events and trials and tribulations soon make Elton realise the wrong he has been committing all along. Will it be too late for him to seek Adrianna\'s forgiveness? What happens when his despicable ways to make her divorce him come to light? Will she give him a second chance? Will she give in to his determined efforts to win her over? Will she finally experience true love after all the heartbreaks?


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129. Sharon

After Adrianna had let her in and hurriedly left for her trip to Hailey, guilty for not having introduced her to the guest properly, she had assured her that it was fine and that they had a lot of time to introduce and get to know each other. Sharon hadn't really given it much thought and after Adrianna was gone, she had introduced herself to……


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