Princes of Mischief

Princes of Mischief


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Lykos and Lynox. They were known as the princes of mischief. They are certified party animals, prank masters and known for simply having fun.

But as they age, they finaly realize that their antics are taking them nowhere. They have to do something to make a name for themselves. So they left America in a mission from the council. Upon success, it landed them the reign over the European continent, as high alphas.

Since then, they were looked up to. Some feared them, many respects them, and some despises them. Women throw themselves at their feet. But not once they entertained them. Like their siblings, they vowed to wait for their mate.

Mate. The only person the moon goddess created just for them. But what if the moon goddess has given them one mate to share? Not really a problem. But what if this mate is as stubborn as a mule? Big problem! Especially if she's human. Or is she?


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 Peace and prosperity was gained after Vladimir and his minions were defeated. Everyone went back to their normal routines. Candice and Tricia’s parents have let them study abroad without any knowledge about what their children went through, and the new life they have embraced.

  Tricia lives in the pack house with her friends too, ……


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