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***** Steamy Story! Mature content. 18+ *****
< Welcome to Sidereal Shadow and I hope your time with us will bring you great results. I give the microphone to our president, Mr Christopher Reed > she said.
I stared at the man who had taken the stage and I was out of breath. I had seen photos of him, but his presence was even more beautiful. He wore a black suit, with a white shirt and blue tie like his intense eyes. He had neatly wavy black hair falling down his neck and his full lips were a real temptation. It is said that the perfect man does not exist, but he was very close to it. Janny would have paid millions to be able to see him so close and now I understand why.
He began to expose the primary scope of the company and what was required of us, but I didn't really listen to the meaning of his words. I was terribly distracted by his beauty, the way he focused the attention and his sensual voice. That voice was wonderful and my lower parts liked it too. It sounded remarkably like Oz's voice, provoking the same reaction in me.
I skipped a beat when I realized the similarity. I started gasping for the hypothesis that they were the same person, I actually had to realize that it was someone inside the company, but I didn't think it was the president.
Looking for confirmation, while he continued to exhibit the project, I took my cell phone and listened to one of his audio. f**k! They matched. I gasped for a few seconds. The one I often chatted with, whose way of doing things made me really horny was also my boss. Not only that, but he was a handsome and charismatic successful businessman and billionaire. My mother would have been proud of me. I was terribly terrified. I felt the need to run away, but I couldn't do it.
Hoping I was wrong, I resumed listening to his speech and watching it.
His eyes were often on me and as soon as they met, I saw him give a wry smile. f**k, it was him. He made big fun of me.
< Damn bastard > I whisper.
The story revolves around Ashelia Richardson and her passion for the nerdy life.
Escaping from the patterns imposed by her parents and spending her university years locked up in her own little world, she will find herself spending her time on an online game, where, through her avatar, she will make friends with Samael, the number one player in this game. Looking for a way to keep her independence, she will make a sort of contract with the devil that will allow her to know who is behind the name of Samael, ending up clashing with the sexiest man she ever see. Will Ashe be able to win it? Or will she have to quit her own world and act like a good daughter of a wealthy San Francisco family?


Tags: billionairedominantindependentCEOlightheartedgeniusotakugame playervirginlove at the first sightSeptember Update Program 2023
Latest Updated
Book 3 - Chapter 76

<< What do you think? >> Noah asked me.

We had accompanied Ashe to work and were on tour with Noah looking at the possible areas for our new headquarters.

<< I don't know how much it might cost us >> I replied.

<< I wasn't talking about that, I was talking about something else >> Noah replied.

<< What were you talking ……


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