Quest for the Throne

Quest for the Throne


Gabriel Ooc Fantasy

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*From the Apocalyptic world, they reincarnated into the Mystical world*

Zirus was still holding the King in his paws when the Princess knelt down and was pleading with Zirus, “No Princess!” King Ragnus said to her daughter as he could barely breathe. “We don’t kneel to anyone,” King Ragnus added as the Princess was still pleading. “Sorry Princess,” Zirus said. “But I have to get my hands dirty,” Zirus added as he snapped the King’s neck. “No!” the Princess cried out as the goblin reaches out to the Princess and held her hair and forces her to watch Zirus ascend the throne.

After World War X, in 2050 the world was united as one and ruled by a noble called Eliot the great. His hunger to rule the world forever led him and his secret science team to produce a chip that destroyed their world and turned it into a place the dead walks.

Three Friends met in the University not minding their background and began to search for answers to solve the problem their world was facing. In the process of traveling far to get some answers, they were killed.

These three friends reincarnated into a new world filled with magic, hatred and power tussle: unaware of whom they were, fate brought them together again as they must discover their identity and where they came from at first in other to stop the most powerful man called Zirus; after Zirus have taken the throne by force.
Will these three friends restore the throne and then return back to their world to also restore their world?

Let’s find out as we journey with them in the Kingdom of Osis. It will be fun as we all journey together y'all.


Tags: reincarnation/transmigrationstudentbxgsword-and-sorceryapocalypsemagical worldrebirth/rebornWriting Academy
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