Call of Ring(Compleled)

Call of Ring(Compleled)


Tinx Fantasy

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Hell, the ring is big trouble.
If I've known what it gonna lead, I would never buy it.
Murdered by strangers, I reincarnated in a fantasy Isekai... with zero gifts of magic.
To make matters worse, I lost the ring...F**k! I have to find it back if I want to go home.
It's not a good opening of the Isekai, huh?
Yeah. But this is my life. I will show you how a newbie becomes the most powerful mage in the world.
Click to read, support me to step in the path of the strongest.
I am writing a new book: I reincarnated in game. It's a fantasy story about a game player.
Hugh, MC, reincarnated in a magical world the same as the game he played.
As a poor mixed-blood, he has to fight against his social status and the many difficulties of the world.
But he knows, he will finally obtain the power to stand free in the sky above anyone!


Tags: adventurereincarnation/transmigrationbxgkickinglucky dogmagemale leadmagical worldanother worldweak to strong
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New Book Update!

Hi guys, I am writing a new fantasy story: I reincarnated in game.

A legend never dies.
Hugh, one of the top gamer in the Earth, suffers a fatal heart attack and opens his eye again.
He reincarnates in a world the same as the game he was playing: Ether Sword.
As a poor mixed-blood, he has to fight against his……