Alpha Dante’s Mate

Alpha Dante’s Mate


Success M. Fantasy

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“Wolves of Crescent moon pack, I’ve found my mate and your future Luna. But, she’s not worthy to be your Luna and my mate therefore I’ll do the needful.” He paused and glared at her. “I Nicholas Curtis, son of Alpha Jason Curtis, reject you Andrea Carlson as my mate and future Luna.” He said without any remorse and I gasped.
Everything changed for Andrea Carlson when she was mated to the Alpha’s son. Her mate Nicholas Curtis rejected her instantly when he found out she was his mate, he didn’t want a wolf-less mate or an omega.
Her heart shattered instantly and begrudgingly accepted the rejection, due to some circumstances, she was banished and made rogue. She resigned herself to a life of misery in the dark forest were she would be killed.
But as she left the pack, fate took pity on her and gave her a second chance mate, a dangerous and most feared Alpha who didn’t want a mate, but Dante knew he simply can’t let her go because of his wolf.
Andrea did all she could to make Dante love and accept her as his mate and not a ‘betrayal’, with everything happening Andrea discovers sinister plots at her old pack and fights for what was hers to change her life for good.
Can Andrea fights the evil ahead of her and finally find happiness with her second chance mate?


Tags: HEsweetpackenemies to lovers
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Chapter Eighty Nine


“We are under attack!!!” I froze where I was standing as my mind comprehended the words I just heard. Under attack again…

I woke up from my reverie when something tugged my dress,

“We need to leave Andrea. Now!” Alessia didn’t wait for my reply before dragging me out. Although I was following her, I stil……


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