The Royal Alpha's Destined Bride

The Royal Alpha's Destined Bride


Kuineru Romance

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Odette Symphania is an average human who will soon marry a werewolf prince and rule the kingdom beside him. The current queen doesn't like humans and vows to make Odette's life miserable. She interferes with their romance by inviting the prince's most beautiful ex to the wedding to sabotage it. After some attempts at ruining the wedding, including putting Odette in a life-threatening situation where she nearly dies, the queen succeeds and she drives out her out of the kingdom. Odette's love to the prince is further challenged by his rivals who wish to make her their bride, including a vampire disguised as a human, but her love belongs to him and only him. These men will do anything to win over her love. They even go so far as to try and sacrifice their lives when the queen sends her henchmen to hurt Odette. Will her love overcome these challenges so that she can live a long, prosperous life with the man that she loves?


Tags: alphagoodgirldramabxgfemale leadroyalabusesupernaturalweak to strongpassionateDreame Love Story Contest
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Chapter 76

It was late at night when I opened my eyes and was able to see the light of the lamp for the first time in a while. My vision was hazy and I could not remember much of what had happened before I fell asleep. All I knew was that I had caught Fleur in bed with a man that was not Kira and that was all I remembered. There was also a significant gap ……


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