Fates Bond: The True Alpha

Fates Bond: The True Alpha


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Aerly Rhodes was two when she lost her mother and most of her pack in an attack after the devastation and starting a new family a few years later Aerly's father decided to create something he called a Sanctuary, a place where all werewolves in trouble were welcome.

Now twenty-two Aerly had waited nine long year's to take over running the place like she had always dreamed just to have her dreams crushed because she is a she-wolf and the future she could have if or when she finds her mate even though her total focus in on the Sanctuary and never cared much about the idea of the mate bond.

But when her dreams are ruined and she's left uncertain about what her future will be some unexpected events begin to change her point of view.


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The End

A year later.

The long dress flowed to the floor as she stood barefoot in front of the mirror. Fixing the golden lace that sat around the bust "you look beautiful" Will spoke pride in his eyes as he stared at his daughter that stood before him. Aerly smiled in the reflection of the mirror at her father.

"Thank you" she ……