Amara: The Forbidden Child

Amara: The Forbidden Child


Star Diamond D Fantasy

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Growing up in Mistbrite didn’t come easy for Amara, a young girl who lost her mother during childbirth and her father abandon her shortly after, she was raised by her aunt who didn’t want her around and treated her like she was a burden and a grandmother who shamed her because she knew that she was Nephilim and blamed her for the death of her beloved daughter. When they lost her mother they lost the power, the money and support of the title that her mother held leaving to have to leave in poor condition. Things started to look up when she was giving a full scholarship to the Pristine Academy for the Enchanted. Amara has possessed very powerful magically abilities since she was baby. She grew up with practicing her Witch Magic, but she doesn’t that she is one of the rarest beings alive she is the Only Living Nephilim in the world. When she starts noticing changes in her Magic right before her 21st birthday, Will she be able to survive her ultimate transformation


Tags: kickass heroinewitch/wizardgxgheavyfemale leadsupernature earthspecial abilityStary Writing Academy IIIRise From The Ashes:King from Nobody
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Chapter 14

I was still in utter shock that after all these years I finally got to meet my dad and now I get to work with him and he will teach my what I am missing and help he learn to control my powers better, I and I get to know him better I am so excited about that actually, we had lunch that Zelda had made and everyone that was glad to see dad sho……


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