The Alpha Prince's Bodyguard

The Alpha Prince's Bodyguard


ABloomintheDarkness Fantasy

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Twelve has been underestimated by everyone in her life including the man she is sworn to protect, she has been tied to service of one prince for most of her life. She was always a joke and he is viewed the same way, both destined and expected to fail.
Can Ve save them both and can two that have merely existed alongside each other, two who have been frightenly alone even when in the others presence come together for something more even when the whole world is against them? Can Rhys become the king even when he is against four half brothers who are favoured above him and when he has been tripped up at every step?


Tags: HEopposites attractsubmissiveprincebxgkickingpackassistant
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Chapter 173

Cody takes one last look at Lucas’ portrait, closing his eyes to take a moment before he turns and walks toward the couple. The crowd parts for him only not in respect as it was for the main couple, instead it is for self-preservation, everyone keeping cautious eyes on him, he has become more unpredictable as the trials have rolled on, it is ……


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