I Bought An Island To Survive Apocalypse

I Bought An Island To Survive Apocalypse


SnowOnSummer Fantasy

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Pluto wakes up from his nightmare covered in sweat.
The experience feels too real to be only a dream.
Was it only his imagination or did he really went back in time from the future?
The reason behind the fall of mankind has been a mystery but he finally found a clue.
Will he be able to change the future with his action?

"I need to stop the apocalypse. The first thing I need to do is to buy an island!"


Tags: reincarnation/transmigrationinspirationalbxgapocalypsemultiversesuperpowerWriting AcademyWriting Academy
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Ruby, Jeremy, and Viera are still analyzing Pluto’s DNA sequence. There is one question that crossed the three’s mind. Just what in the world happened that enabling Pluto’s DNA to evolve by itself. Not to mention that this evolution enhancing his body capabilities several times of that a normal person. Just from the size of the DNA alone, it can……