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she was not always the Feistily, Strong,Bold and Firm woman she presently portrays, which earned her, her infamous aka.."WICKED HEARTLESS BITCH"further abbreviated to 'HB' synonymous to the world famous 'HB' ball pen found scattered in every nook and cranny of the country Ghana, but stood for different meanings to the embodiment been addressed when fully spelt. And yes your guess is as sharp as mine! Simply put "HEARTLESS BITCH" was how she was addressed by the very sect she could have died for ,more so lost everything for! Truth is she just mustered the act of being in charge, taking control of her Body,Mind and Emotion over the period of severe Betrayal,Deception and Devastating lose.... served to her ever so coldly by the very people she unblemishingly gave all her heart to, putting a stop to the abysmal manner in which they took advantage of her, now tagging her as possessed.(smirk) she only took away thier ability to manipulate her to thier benefits.

I am Emefa and this is my life!
I was birthed in west Africa,Ghana the country precisely in the region of Accra in the Ayawaso north constituency to a military man and a petty trader- whom later I wondered if she was my biological mother. Although we originally hailed from the Volta Region of the "EWE" tribe of Ghana , where we were brought up to be very submissive, respectful,down to earth, industrious and accommodating.

My name "EMEFA" means (calm), I don't remember the last time I ever was, except the first time I fell in love (smile) though I realised a little late and the first time the man who stole my heart made love to me. Another chapter of my life better told on another blessed day....sigh!


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The first thing to do is perform the rites upon arrival, then seek a response to my troubling thoughts. She may not know what lies ahead yet I am not privy to also tell. However, I could endeavor to make her last days fulfilled. I would love to call my son back to stay by her side during her final months, yet I have this fore bodying she may not……