Seven Dreams

Seven Dreams


Charlotte E. English Romance

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Seven mortal Realms I saw and seven keys had I...

Serena Carterett leads a team of masqueraders, shapeshifters and reformed thieves. Their task? To oppose the criminal Yllandu at every turn. It's a straightforward job — until the Yllandu get their hands on a mysterious stone artefact, and at the behest of a powerful Lokant employer. When a strange riddle appears in the sky, the hunt for the Seven Dreams begins.

Who will find the seven keys, and what do they open? Nobody knows, but Serena is determined to deny the Yllandu the prize. Her team must battle Lokants and sorcerers, scholars and thieves to solve the puzzle first. The hunt will take them all the way across the Seven Realms — and far into the darkness of their own past.


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‘Serena.’ Teyo dropped the deed and gripped her hand, a little painfully. ‘You’ve seen it?’

Serena nodded.

‘What…’ Teyo’s words dried up; he moistened his lips and tried again. ‘What’s it like?’

Serena beamed at him, and squeezed his hand. ‘It’s perfect, Tey. Perfect for you.’

‘And it’s really mine?’