The Sword User that bends the game system

The Sword User that bends the game system


Brenn Joezel Game

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"One day everything was gone and everything around one person can change in one second." Kishimoto Kaede is a girl who lost her parents at a young age. She distant her real self from everyone and use a fake personality to hide her true self who drowned in a sea of loneliness.
her childhood friend Yuki is a gamer inviting her to play a game called "Fantasy world online" With Yuki's push she played the game and rises to the top. But everyone didn't know the game has a different purpose dragging some players to another world for an unknown reason. Kaede was dragged into the world called Underworld. Making new friends and bonds. Will Kaede still wish to go back to the real world? Or she will live her life inside Underworld?


Tags: adventuresystemwarriorcomedykickingambitiousfemale leadgame playermagical worldMMORPGDreame Love Story Contest
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After seeing Latina in my vision. I asked blacksmith Gonta about the players and the dungeon. He answered me sincerely in every question I asked him. Some of my questions are left unanswered.

But I think it is fine.

Me, getting some clue and information about my journey is good enough for me to make a significant step to my journe……


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