Heartless Billionaire, Why Abusing Me?

Heartless Billionaire, Why Abusing Me?


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In the first half of her life, she was a painter living a careless and happy life. She was cared for, cherished, and loved.

But when she woke up one day, everything changed.

The man imprisoned her in a mental house with his extravagant eyes staring at her,

"Woman, pay for your sins!"

He tortured her, humiliated her, believing that she killed his first love.

However, after the truth was uncovered, he knew what he had done wrong!

Will you give me another chance?

She smiled bitterly, "I'm sorry. But I want to leave."

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Chapter 235 Pastoral Life

To avoid his rival in love and let Kristina have a good relaxation, Ray insisted to live in a quiet village for some time with Kristina.

A week later, the two of them set out after getting things done in the company.

The short two-hour train ride quickly came to an end. Kristina took Ray's hand and jumped out of the train.