The World of Tactics

The World of Tactics


Old Jeng Game

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One day, John Smith got into an unbelievable accident. An aerial accident. He woke up into another world of cold weapons and magic. A fantasy world filled with magic, monsters, kingdoms, wars, and the force of darkness. As a person who experienced a peaceful side of the world, he did not care for any such warring kingdoms nor the darkness force. He just wants to live a carefree life in the countryside while being strong enough to protect himself and his family.

His dream of having a peaceful life was shattered when his family fell into tragedy. The darkness force is moving and war is approaching from all sides. Deaths were the daily vibe. Will he be ready when the darkness turbulence begins? Will he be strong enough? Or will he succumb into the darkness force? Read more to find out.

Please follow my story to give me motivation~!
For those who are already reading. Here is the link to my page and a listing of the chapter/battle maps that I personally made: h****://www./jengleng.lee.5/photos


Tags: systemtragedybxgmysterybrilliantgame playermedievalLitRPGMMORPGselfish
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"The demon followers are just beyond those walls. We’ll c***k it down and destroy it from within. The north wall has already fallen, things would become easier once we were able to take the southern wall. After the fort is taken over, it would become a strategic point of offense to launch an attack on the demon followers within the following mon……


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