That Letter - A Cinderella Story

That Letter - A Cinderella Story


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Here we go again with another Cinderella story, one of many actually. The typical story wherein a lovely and humble princess who dreams for her prince charming her whole life and wait for the right time to finally meet him, or rather wait for him to come in his fancy outfit that shines stunningly in the sun, his manly physique, and his sweet smell of an unending love and puts on her glass slipper. How cute right? So adorable, everyone surely loved that... A very touching story that feels so nostalgic that we always wanted to hear even for a thousand times. Never gets old, they say.

But what if this Cinderella kind of story is different? Not the usual one you hear from your preschool teachers, or from you bed time stories… What if the princess didn't want the prince in the first place and same as the prince to the princess? How could that happen, can they still be together? Is that even possible? What happy ending can we have? What if their encounter was just a mistake? How would destiny work this time? What things will happen in this Cinderella story convince us that miracle is real?


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            Gosh, when did everything got so messed up? I'm so over with things like this... I lost track, then the next thing I know is that I'm getting in the hot seat. Why do I have to catch all the problems in this world? Huh? Just kidding, what am I exaggerating ahahahaha.



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