A Wolf in the City

A Wolf in the City


Enoch Pen Paranormal

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There’s a chance I’ll f**k Raven Martinez, but it’s more likely I’ll kill her. Kill her, cut out her heart, and feed it to Ezra who thinks no one knows of his little hidden treasure. And it won’t be personal. As Ezra himself has shown in the past that sometimes, you can be innocent and still suffer just because you're a part of your family.
Having being betrayed by their one and only human friend years ago which ended up destroying their whole existence. As one of the remaining werewolves alive, Dante was brought up to take revenge on behalf of his kind and pay the human elites in their own coin.
He starts visiting the city in his shifted form to exert this revenge and so suspicions started to arise as the paranormal and corrupt secrets that the high ranked humans tried to hide began to get exposed.
But then when this same wolf finds out that one of his supposed enemies is actually his mate.. Things starts to go haywire.
Afterall, werewolves and Humans don't mix, right?


Tags: revengelove-triangledramawerewolvescitybetrayalsupernaturallonelymultiple personalitystubborn
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70. Years later.


It has been three years since I ascended to the throne as queen of this country. Looking back at the past three years, I can hardly believe how much has changed. From a shy and naive girl to a confident and strong queen, I have grown and learned so much.

When I first became queen,……


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