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A prophecy needs to be fulfilled!

A prophecy has to be fulfilled!

And so, it did!

1000 years ago, a prophecy was given by the great Akiko, that a group of Monsters, generally called, "Descendants Of The Black Moon," would descend in Nazirites to possess and destroy all the inhabitants in it.
However, the word, "Destroy," wasn't just about killing them.

They will have to play a dangerous game to survive; at least, for a while.

Also, this group of Monsters can possess one's body and make them act and behave under their control.

The great Akiko, however, gave the king a book, which he had urged him to pass it on to the next generation, cause, the answers to what will send the Descendants Of The Black Moon, back to where they belong, were written in that book.

He had also given him an instruction that only those from the Royal family are eligible to read this book.
Lastly, even though the answers are in that book, not everyone can find it, except the chosen one, which he was positive will be born from the Royal family.

And so...
All this came to an accomplishment 1000 years later.

In the reign of King Samuel who had a daughter named Kath.

Truly, monsters descend in Nazirites and even possess the body of some of the people in Nazirites, as they began fighting themselves.

Unfortunately, the king that was supposed to protect and guide his people also became possessed by them and was been controlled to manipulate and torment his people.

Those who manages to survive were taken to a jungle, including Kath: the princess of Nazirites.

In that jungle, they were to play a very hard and almost impossible game, and if they can't do what they are asked to do, they will live in pain for the rest of their lives.

What exactly is this game about?


Who would be the chosen one to save the people of Nazirites when they are all been captured?


Will the king be sane again? Or, end up dying?


Tags: darkno-couplescaryboldfemale leadsupernature earthweak to strongESCAPING - Suspense/Thriller Writing Contest 1
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