The Butterfly Girl: A Star is Born

The Butterfly Girl: A Star is Born


Miss Witch Fantasy

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Oh look, another Fantasy story about a group of young teenagers with special powers on a mission to save the Earth from an ever growing evil while learning their true place in the world.
Well, guess what? Hardly any of that is actually true. Not for this story.
First of all, we didn't plan on saving the world. Not much left to be saved anyway, if you ask me.
Secondly, we don't even know where this 'evil' is, or why it's trying to kill us. We don't even know what it is.
And lastly, there's really no point in us trying to find our true place in this world. We can't let anyone find out about us. To you, we don't exist.
So, if you're wondering what exactly this story is about... so am I. Look, I may be the one writing this whole thing, but it's you're job to wonder what happens next. What are you staring at? Go on, read it already!


Tags: adventureseriousmysteryboldwittynon-human leadrealistic earthspecial abilityStary Writing Academy II - Adventure Novels
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