The World Called Excalibur

The World Called Excalibur


Joshua Wonders Fantasy

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Zhangshun Shan was never your average kid, at age 10, he possessed wisdom far surpassing every one in his village and he's hardworking to boot but there's a problem he has.
He holds the delusion that he will surpass the gods and even the Jade Emperor and attain Utmost supremacy and immortality.
As he goes on in his quest, he meets the king of his kingdom and realises just how difficult it is to Lord over a country much less all of existence but he wouldn't give up.
Finding a world called Excalibur which is set to grant it's inhabitants god like Powers, Zhangshun Shan ventures in it on a quest to fulfill his wishes.


Tags: love after marriagearranged marriagedominantmanipulativebxghumorousfriendshiptrickyspiritualYoung Adult Fiction Writing Contest ⅡStary Writing Academy II - Adventure Novels
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Zhangshun Shan was standing at the shore of a big sea, he looked in the sea's direction admiring the currents as he saw the water waves of the deep blue water body rise up and fall continuously.
On the ground a few feet away from him laid three people, Wenren Yu, Sui Wenyan and Qui Si.
The three woke up in unison, they noticed Zhangshun Sh……