Erica Kapoor Fantasy

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If you enter the housing colony I live in everything is normal, every morning the working members of the family, who are generally male go for work, wives pack lunch, kids board their school buses, old age pensioners walk around the perimeter of the park, some talking about the latest news and some about the latest daily soap. But if you look very closely, like every superhero movie ever among these common people are we, the 8 saviours of earth, and I am one of them. Arjun, Anubhav, Samarth, Shubham, the four masculum and Aaravi, Samara, Shifa and me, the four feminam. I am Avijita and this is my story, since the day I stepped in this colony my life and life of the other seven turned upside down, who knew that GGS-8 geeky gaming squad of 8 would become the saviour of earth, this story is my journey from a normal school girl to becoming the saviour of earth.


Tags: adventuredarkmysterystraightgeniuswittydystopianwarweak to strongStary Writing Academy II - Adventure Novels
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