The Princess's Bodyguard

The Princess's Bodyguard


Eve Palace Romance

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Lena is the Crown Princess of the Ephemere Kingdom. Confined inside the palace walls for most of her life, the person she would often turn to is her personal protector and dedicated bodyguard, Luca. During her childhood years, she treated him as her best friend. Her ally. A protective, older brother who never fails to save her when she needed saving.

But as Lena grew up and blossomed into adulthood, she began developing an attraction for her bodyguard. Gradually, she started noticing him as a man. Luca secretly loved her too, but knowing his position, he refused to entertain any romantic notions with her. Falling in love with the princess is forbidden. It was her destiny to take the throne when the time is right, and that means, being betrothed to another royalty worthy of her status.

But what if they couldn’t suppress their feelings any longer? What if something happens that would throw them both in a situation where they could pretend that ranks and royalty didn’t exist? Would they pursue their romance? Or would Lena end up upholding her royal duties in the end?


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I watched Andre’s back disappear behind the corner with a smile on my lips.

I should really stop judging people based on first impressions. Or on brazen presumptions. The cold prince wasn’t so cold after all.

I’m glad we patched things up just before he left. I felt a pang of regret, knowing I ……


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