Devil Shoggy

Devil Shoggy


Евгений Noir Fantasy

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A boy named Keso. Lived an ordinary life, studied at the dojo and was the best student. In love with a girl whom he cannot confess.
One fine day, on the balcony of his house, he met a devil named Shoggy. Who pretended to be a guardian angel to ruin his life and feed on his despair.
But after they got the contract. Everything turned out the other way around. The devil and the man became friends. Shoggy, in Keso's body, confessed to Olivia.
Only the world is not so kind. And now, they have to fight, with different demons and exorcists. In order not to die in a new, cruel and full of evil world.


Tags: adventurebravecomedybxgmysteryloserdemonsupernature earthfriendshipwar
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Younger brother Shoggi didn’t fit in his head. For him, this is beyond the bounds. Nowhere was it said about ……