The Logan Brothers

The Logan Brothers


Samantha Black Romance

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Imogen has always been the quiet, nerdy girl who would rather read a book than get a boyfriend. Her best friend is Wesley Logan, who just so happens to live next door with his handsome older brother, Greyson. When they both start to show an interest in her, she's not sure what to do. She never meant to become a player, it just sort of happened. She loves them bother, and doesn't want to hurt either one, but time is running out quickly. Who will she choose?


Tags: love-trianglepossessiveopposites attractsecond chancefriends to loversarrogantdramacomedysweet
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Chapter 37: Bonus Chapter - Looking Forward


Grayson's POV:

I couldn't believe I had overslept on the first day of classes.  I was twenty minutes late for English, and this teacher was known for being extremely strict.  Just the way I wanted to start the school year- getting chewed out in front ……