Elemental Warriors Online

Elemental Warriors Online


Anone Lionheart Game

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Benjamin is an orphan 18 year college student with a grandfather that only had six months left to live. with no other option left available to him the young man turns to the newest virtual reality game to make the money needed to save the life of the only family he has left.

He goes on to the game, hoping to conquer it as a creature of the night with a taste for blood..... a vampire. but he would come to realize that destiny has much more to offer than the shadows he embraced.


Tags: lightheartedvampiremale leadmagical worldanother worldsupernaturalspecial abilityLitRPGMMORPGweak to strong
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Contract Quest For Construction

Tunde certainly knew how to work fast, two hours later they were joined by four new individuals, Sheikh Rahman looked nothing like the old man, Tunde had introduced him as. He was a good 8-feet tall and was stacked with muscles, the only difference was that his hair was all white and he looked a little older.

Hal Vestal looked real……