Rise of The Banished Azure Sky Prince

Rise of The Banished Azure Sky Prince

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Born into the Red Eagle Clan, a middle level clan in the Great Celestial Sky Continent. Zhu Yuan is a lazy but intelligent fifteen year old who seeks to abandon his current status as a medicinal pellet disciple much to the ire of his sole surviving family member Old Man Yuan who is a middle level pellet refiner.

Zhu Yuan dreams is to enter the path of cultivation and become a great General, travelling all over the vast Great Celestial Sky Continent partaking in glorious conquests and adventures.

But his innate talent is dismal. His life changes upon a chance encounter with a mysterious divine azure vine deep in an unknown forbidden cave.

Later Zhu Yuan's dark past comes calling as the murderer of his entire family learns of his existence. Meanwhile this calculating, blood thirsty nemesis hatches a shrewd evil scheme to unleash an unspeakable evil upon the world and become its first Evil Supreme Lord.

Follow Zhu Yuan's journey from the bottom as an unknown pellet refiner to rule the heavens as the Celestial Azure Sky Heavenly Sovereign.

"this world is truly unjust, to have evil, evil men ride celestial dragons while princes walk upon the dusty footpaths" Old Man Yuan.

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