The Playboy’s Play Toy

The Playboy’s Play Toy


Lea Adams Romance

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All Mia wanted to do is save the most important person in her life; her sister, Jen. She promised herself she would do anything for her, even selling her own body for a night to extend Jen's life.

All Theon wanted to earn is his father’s trust once more. To redeem himself from the mistake his younger-self made that ousted him his dad's love and his rights in the family. He would do anything to have it back, even if paying someone to help him.

A fateful night entangles them. It blossoms into an affair only to be destroyed by lust, passion, distrust, and uncertainty.

She becomes his toy. He becomes her addiction.
They both played the game of lust and love.

Will the two driving souls have their second chance to own another incredible night?


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Chapter 32- The article


The moment Mia kissed my lips, I was dumbfounded. It lasted for seconds, though, and I wasn’t expecting it. She truly stepped up in this game, and I wondered how this thing would last between us.

Raking my fingers on her smooth and shiny hair, I clutched some portions of it to deepen our kiss while my other hand was on her hip……