The Changeling: A Quest For Time

The Changeling: A Quest For Time

Overlord_Venus Science Fiction

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What would you do if you woke up one day, stuck beeen the fibres of your blanket?

For Prakash, this was not a hypothetical question but his living nightmare. Suddenly being shrunk to the size of a gnat, Prakash must rescue his miniaturized family from being crushed by television remotes, eaten by roaches, and falling from swaying blades of grass.

Things that were taken for granted before now necessitated life and death struggles. Fortunately, he gained the ability to transform into those life-threatening and tenacious ects...given, he could kill them first.

His ability that every shrunken human also possessed came with a steep price, one that would rend his humanity.

How will he rescue his family from the clutches of giant organisms and survive on our Earth that no longer felt so small?

Follow me to see Prakash's adventure and how he builds a shrunken but powerful empire.
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