Hidden Legacy

Hidden Legacy


Bobbayee Fantasy

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Dream Enpierce is a Boy who is bullied by his classmates everyday. One day, He get sick of it and attempt to end his own life. But, Before he could do that, He stumble upon an eerie cave. Thinking that this is his last moment, he decides to went into the cave. Soon after that, He fall down to a really deep hole and enter a special space called 'Hidden Legacy' where the time is much slower inside it. In there, he decide to train his heart out to become the strongest he could possibly be.


Tags: confidentcomedybxganother worldfootballsuperpowerspecial abilityharemweak to strongcolleagues to lovers
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Chapter 68: Ko. The God of Games.

Today is the fated Day. Everyone Important that can't Fight already evacuate to Dream Void. Dream Chaos Siblings Appear to help him. They stand at the Sky. Waiting for the Army from the Celestial to appear. And then. They arrived.

But it's not just Ko. A bunch of Clones of the Chaos also appear.

A White haired boy with deep black eye……