Bad s*x: His uncle's mistress

Bad s*x: His uncle's mistress


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Looking at her naked body covered with hickeys and bruises, Alessa stared daggered at the handsome man and uttered through gritted teeth, "You, you bastard!"
"Me?" The man grabbed her chin and smirked, "Why? It was your fiance who sent you to me."
"What? It can't be!" Alessa shivered, tears filling her eyes.
"Do you want to take revenge on those who have bullied you? Be my woman and give birth to my baby." He murmured in her ear, confining her to be his own little pet.
"No way! You are my fiance's uncle!"
Alessa's damn fiance drugged her and sent her to the bed of the powerful billionaire Brian Sterling. And that man was also his uncle! Brian claimed Alessa to be his woman and offered revenge for her on the condition that Alessa must give birth to his baby! All Alessa wanted was to run away from him. But then she found herself pregnant!
"Alessa, you are mine and my son's mother." The bossy man declared.
What should Alessa do? To run or to stay?

Hi, my dear reader, my book: His Spoiled Reborn Bride is on the bookshelf, it's a sweet and romantic story, hope you like it, here is the blurb:
The day Isabel ran away from her wedding turned out to be her forever nightmare.
She was blinded by Noah, who lured her to leave her husband Howard and run away from the wedding, but later Noah showed his true color, and he sent her to prison as his scapegoat, eventually, she died in prison with endless hatred.
God gave her another chance to be reborn, she finally knew the one who really loved her was only her husband, Howard, this time she will spare no effort to cherish his love!
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