The Dark Lord's Vessel

The Dark Lord's Vessel

Anna Erishkigal Paranormal Urban

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Angelic Special Forces Colonel Mikhail Mannuki'ili has suffered from dissociative amnesia ever since his species was slaughtered as a child. The Cherubim said he must never try to remember the Seraphim Genocide. Whenever he tries, he blacks out and lots of people end up dead. But old ghosts refuse to remain buried. With the village destroyed and whispers the white-winged Angelic is his own Prime Minister, each night, his dead chéad phósadh visits his nightmares to warn him about the lizard at the door.

As Abaddon closes in on Earth, Lucifer deals with the fallout from his recent possession, Gita tries to clear her name, and Ba'al Zebub rallies a new threat agat Assur, Mikhail must find a way to rescue his pregnant wife without succumbing to the terrifying power he can wield, but not control.


This book is NOT religious fiction!


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Tags: darkstraightmale leadsupernature earthwar
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