Virgin Sacrifice to The Last Lycan

Virgin Sacrifice to The Last Lycan


Jane Above Story Paranormal

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After a one night stand, I opened my eyes and found a naked handsome man lying next to me. He was the last Lycan.

According to the rumors, the last Lycan went crazy every full moon. He could only be tamed by having s*x with a virgin werewolf.

Every pack sent virgins to sacrifice to the last Lycan, and I was the chosen one.

Before he woke up, I escaped quietly.

But it's strange how my wolf became more powerful!

Could s*x with a Lycan make me stronger?!
The Lycan was a wall of masculine muscle behind me. His body heat scorched me even through my wedding dress; his breath seared the shell of my ear as he leaned closer and whispered, "Mate..."

If the last Lycan was the Devil, I thought I might want to go to hell.
When I rescued the last Lycan from his cage, I never thought that one day, I would be put into a cage by him.


Tags: alphaomegawerewolves
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