Rejected and Forsaken

Rejected and Forsaken


Maggie Ireland Fantasy

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Lily has been bullied and abused for years, but after her mate rejects her, she decides it's time to fight back. Something broke inside of her when Kyle rejected their connection, but she puts her broken pieces back together to make someone stronger and tougher.

Lily's pack may have turned against her, and her family may hate her, but she is finally learning that she deserves better. It's time they learn that too and she'll be the one to show them all. With help from Matt and Finn, the new student and teacher who fight to protect her, Lily will finally become the strong werewolf she was meant to be.
“You can’t really be surprised that I wouldn’t want you, right?” he asked cruelly, still gripping her face roughly.
When Lily didn’t respond, he shoved her away from him. She landed on her back and her already aching spine spasmed in agony. Now that her mate was no longer touching her, the pain was back in full force, and she cried out as she hit the ground. Just as she thought the suffering couldn’t get any worse, Kyle spoke the six worst words a werewolf could hear.
“I reject you as my mate,” he said calmly, permanently severing his connection to her.


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