Tyrant Luna: I dare to reject you, Alpha

Tyrant Luna: I dare to reject you, Alpha


Tracy Tauro Paranormal

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Completed BOOK. Fast pace story.
Harley's life ended in a tragic accident, but her journey was far from over. Transferred into the body of the villainess from a novel she was reading, Luna Larissa, Harley is given a second chance by the moon goddess. But surviving in Luna's body won't be easy. Harley must dodge the deadly intentions of her mate, Alpha Ren, and his insane girlfriend, Abigail Firefall, who'll stop at nothing to become Luna.
As Harley navigates this dangerous new world, she realizes that she must rewrite Luna's fate to survive. Will she be able to outsmart her enemies and claim her own destiny? Or will she be forever trapped in Luna's body, doomed to a tragic end?
trigger warnings.
{Explict, use of abusive language, dark scene, }


Tags: HEkickingscarypack
Latest Updated
Epilogue - Part four

Five months - Later 

Ren - Pov

After our marriage, I bought a new home, and Harley and I decorated our child's room. Today, the crib was delivered to our house, and the feeling of becoming a parent became real. Every day with Harley and our unborn child in her womb kept me happy.



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