The Celestial Land

The Celestial Land


Apollona1878 Fantasy

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Tangled into the flames of war as soon as she wake up in an unfamiliar world, Elleste Lunaria was cornered to survive the brutal world. This is the world where the strong ruled.
Step by step, Elleste tried to become stronger to protect herself. However, the truth sometimes was indeed painful. Her life wasn't how it seemed it was as the secrets began to uncover themselves.
There are also the Great Mage Cassian that she admired, and the man from Dragon clan that was quite mysterious, attracting her curiosity.
Among the dragons, mages, spirits, dark creatures, and celestials. Who is her ally and who is her enemy?
Join Elleste's journey as she embark on the path of pursuing the truth.


Tags: reincarnation/transmigrationbxgmagical worldsuperpowerwitchcraftWriting AcademyWriting AcademyFantasy Romance Ⅱ Writing ContestSupreme Me Fiction Writing Contest
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Elleste had watched the whole battle by her own eyes. The blood that poured out from everyone, dark creatures, humans, shifters, or undeads.

Silently, she pondered. It is worth it?

All of you are dying for the sake of others. Just look at how those people watched you like they were at a clown; a huge joke.

Yet, at the same t……


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