My Second Chance Rejected Mate

My Second Chance Rejected Mate


Monika Singh Romance

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Hunter Knight, the alpha King got the surprise of his life when the Moon Goddess mated him with Hazel Bishop, a wolfless she-wolf. He didn't want to reject her as she was his second chance but didn't want to accept her either because she was wolfless. Not knowing what to do, he accepted her as a pack warrior as she was one of the best warriors in her pack so that he could think about a solution. She was beta blood and no one know what happened to her wolf. Hazel, on the other hand, didn't want a mate but was forced to obey Hunter because of his status as the Alpha King. Despite of being wolfless, she was strong, fierce and a skilled warrior. She didn't want to associate herself with Hunter and tried hard to keep her distance from him. Hunter got scared when Hazel got injured during a rogue attack as he lost his first mate in a rogue attack too. Now all he wanted was to accept Hazel and protect her but Hazel refused to acknowledge him. She had her own reasons for not accepting a mate but she was determined not to tell anyone. What happened to them? Does Hazel accept Hunter as her mate? What happened to her in the past which made her lose her wolf?


Tags: opposites attract
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