Detective Dickson 3 : Identify Crisis

Detective Dickson 3 : Identify Crisis


Joshua Wonders Paranormal Urban

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If you read the last 2 sequels, you must have been hearing the word Larias alot, and now in this sequel, he has finally resurrected, well, as you guessed it, he's the most fearsome threat d**kson and his comrades has ever faced as he seized control of all of Existence but yet d**k and a few of his comradea remain untouched even though they are outmatched and powerless against his overwhelming might.
That isn't the least of their problems, d**k and Lefinna switches consciousness but yet d**k has to find a way to stop Larias if he cares about the people he loves, tips off, Marcel has also escaped jail, with newfound powers, he is also after d**kson Reyes.
Will d**kson Reyes find a way to triumph as he had always done or is this going to be the last sequel.
Find out!!!!


Tags: body exchange/body swapbadboyinspirationalbxghumorousmysterygeniusprevious incarnationrecklessspiritual
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