Summoners Path

Summoners Path


EternalReign Fantasy

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Present world setting with a twist.

It's a story about an 18 years old teenager who got transmigrated from Earth to a parallel Earth by receiving their family legacy.

This new Earth is a world with people calling themselves Mages, it's a world with magic. Our MC received the magic of Summoning, a rare kind of magic which he can Summon a being or creatures from the other dimension.

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Tags: dominantpowerfulconfidentsword-and-sorcerymagical worldmultiversehigh-tech worldrealistic earthsupernature earthanother world
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Authors Note

Book 1 of the Summoners Path is completed.

Thank you all sa lahat ng mga sumuporta sa akin at sa Summoners Path. I hope na you guys enjoyed the story as I enjoyed making it.

It's a long road and we're still not done yet. I'll be posting the Book II sa W att pad starting tomorrow.

I might post it again her……