The Sealed Planet Chronicles

The Sealed Planet Chronicles


Alfian Shan Tanggono Science Fiction

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This story is the direct sequel to The Sealed Pla, the sci-fi story regarding the mystery of the sealed pla of Vyrn, the original home pla for the Vyrnians. It follows the adventures of o different group of heroes: The first, a trio of Sel, Kilkaja, and Astha, continued their story in search of the missing commander of the Saukari and Astha's in brother, Sethis. The second story focused on the bizarre and extraordinary adventures of George Atmell, the human of Earth, and Domel Arcturus, the Vyrnian out of time, as they slowly find out about their enemies and the danger they posed to the whole galaxy.

Along with the o main stories, there are short companion stories to add to the colorful set of characters introduced in the o main stories.


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