Amazonian Mate

Amazonian Mate


Joann Pole Romance

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I've waited for her for three years, only to find her for one night only, and then she's gone. If it wasn't for a picture of her, I would have thought she's imaginary. But she wasn't and I'm gonna find her.
I'm Christopher Abernathy next in line Alpha to the Silver Night Pack and my future Luna is out there hiding from me. But not for too long now. I'm coming for you, Babe!

He's the first men I've been with, but he feels different too. I couldn't fight the pull I felt towards him. But that's the way it is in my world. We only get one night, only to provide an heir to our tribe. But it's getting hard to erase him from my mind.
My name is Melanpe Black and I'm next in line Leader to Moon Goddess Daughtes trible.


Tags: fatedkickass heroinedramabxgmysterywerewolvespacklonelyYoung Adult Fiction Writing Contest Ⅱ
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43. Epilogue

-Mel P. O. V.-

*5 years later*

"Mom! Hurry up Cole and Rea are gonna be here any minute now!" - Finn screamed a to me

"Baby, there's no rush. Everything's ready. Besides you know I can't run." - I tried to calm my boy down.

"I know, I know because you're fat." - he said

"Finn! Your mother isn't fat! S……


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