Alpha Nocturne's Contracted Mate

Alpha Nocturne's Contracted Mate


A E Randell Paranormal

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"f**k, Ada…”

“Brad...oh, fuck... deeper... harder!” Ada’s shrill voice begged between breathy moans.

The banging of the headboard against the wall intensified as Ann froze.

No... it couldn’t be!

Ann took a deep breath and nudged the door a little more. Her chest felt like it would explode as she held her breath whilst the c***k widened.

When it revealed her sister lying underneath her husband-to-be, her hands flew to her mouth to stifle the gasp of horror as her heart shattered instantly.

As Brad roared his release inside her sister, Ada turned her head towards the door with a smirk.

An icy chill descended over Ann as if a bucket of ice water had been thrown over her and she stood and stared, her eyes wide and mouth slightly open in disbelief.

Ada lifted her hand and waved in Ada’s direction with a smug smile plastered on her face as Brad collapsed on top of her, kissing her neck tenderly.

Is there anything you can do if your mate had s*x with your sister?


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CHAPTER 258 Did You Miss Me?

  Felix trailed behind the figures of Allen and Lexi still bickering quietly and he smiled ruefully to himself.

  That should have been him and Aoife… minus the bickering of course. 

  He had to admit, he shared the same confusion as Ann did. Why was Aoife taken out of all of them?

  If they had wanted to make a significant imp……


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