My Incredible Journey in GTA Online

My Incredible Journey in GTA Online


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Hi, my real name is Kevin, and I was born on September 7th, 1992. I started to play
Grand Theft Auto back in 2001, a game that was on 2D, where I got to learn how to
love running away from the cops. The real "open-world" game that I first got to play
was the classic Shenmue II for the Dreamcast. But I know that wasn't a shooter game,
but Shenmue gave me an idea of what a "open-world" game really is. It felt like I was
virtually visiting the city of Hong Kong. The real "shooter" game that I played was True
Crime for the PlayStation 2, a game that I got on christmas of 2003, and by that time, i
wasn't well acknowledging that very well the concept of GTA. But there was an Easter
Egg in the game. When I used to drive through the streets of LA, I always came across a
poster hyping some sort of a film that would come out some time in 2005. And I
certainly became anxious for that sorts of film to come out. But obviously that film
never came to fruition. By twist of fate, in August of 2005, I received Grand Theft Auto:
San Andreas. I immediately fell in love with that game, not because of the graphics, but
because of its essence.
Three years after that, in 2008, I bought Grand Theft Auto IV for the XBOX 360, which
that I thought it was interesting, because of the graphics. And it was, because I could
feel that I was visiting New York for real. I was imagining that I was shooting a movie in
New York, and I was the protagonist of that movie. But then, I lost my track on the
missions because of the "Red Ring of Death". but afterwards, i got to enjoy the game in
other ways. After that, in July of 2010, I got Red Dead Redemption, another good
game, where instead of the city environment, we get the western environment, and
the cars are replaced with horses.
GTA V, for me, offers me a lot of fun for me, not only the story mode, but also Online
Mode, which teaches in some way, life. Like for example, how to save money to buy a new
house or a car, how to trust your friends in work, etc.


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