The World's Strongest Faker

The World's Strongest Faker


Lockheed Fantasy

95 reads

In a world filled with fantasy and magic, there's one person who's power is equaled to an ant, faster like an snail. He was the most strongest person in this world...Ehem, I mean the weakest person in the world. Ernest Teucher.

However, as the saying goes, all things must come to an end, Ernest Teucher received a system from an unknown origins. Giving him unparalleled strength and magic. That's right, from weakest to strongest. The adventure of Ernest Teucher begins.


Tags: systemwitch/wizarddramakickingstraightgeniusswordsman/swordswomanmagical worldfaceslappingspecial abilityStary Writing Academy II - Adventure Novels
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A Wager

Michael Dwart, his classmate seven years ago, was a prodigy and a top student in a magic academy. Not only that, but he was also an S-Class adventurer. Michael calmly replied at this reunion and sent a scornful gaze through narrowed eyelids.

“Yeah, it’s been a while more like years, Ernest Teucher. Are you still attending school?”



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