My Bothersome Life

My Bothersome Life


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I was captured and put onto a stake to be lit on fire as part of the ongoing witch hunt conducted throughout the land. I had to do something. But, this life really sucked.

This all started when I was accidentally killed by God.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to kill you. It was just that I was overworked lately by my superior and I just wanted some time to relax and vent my stress out," he confessed.

"So, while I was snacking, I accidentally dropped one potato chip into the human realm where the child tripped over the potato chip onto a den of steep stairs." God guilty admitted.

So I reincarnated into the most adorable girl with the largest orange-speckled eyes that contrasted her pale white skin void of any imperfections.

'How could someone look this pretty?' I thought as I admired my new appearance.

I was nowhere close to this pretty in my previous life. Did God put me into this new vessel as an apology?

But some things were too good to be true...

Few months later, I was at a party that I planned to escape from my fiancé’s family.

"I still get to continue with my naps on the weekends?" I tried to confirm with them.

No one answered as I almost cried from giving up my rare nap times from the mess I got involved with. This life was too bothersome!


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