Anurika Obiekwe Paranormal

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One night after training with the team, Damien had to escape before Chris and his minions would beat him as they had promised because he made sure he humiliated them with his passes, blocks and rebounds, and even made the head coach to punish them.
He was using the woods, which was dangerous because prior to that time there had been news, believed to be rumours, of werewolf sightings. Running through the woods with Chris and his friends following closely behind, he was hit by an unidentified figure and the effect of the blow had him flying meters away and becoming unconscious. Chris and his guys had to run away out of fear of being accused of murder and because of the unidentified figure they had seen running into the dark of the woods.
Damien finally came back to consciousness but he found himself in his room. He was shocked because he stayed alone and whoever had brought him in didn't have to break his door or use the keys, plus there was a wound on his neck.
He [Damien] started noticing different things about himself, first was that the wound he had sustained in the woods had disappeared. Next was, he didn't need his glasses to see clearly anymore. And now, he had become faster than normal. Also noticed that he was always waking up naked in his room at full moons. He had to go do some research and the only reasonable thing he could point at was that he was now a werewolf.
He didn't want to believe, but it was looking very true as the days went by. He knew he had to take precautionary measures now, so he decided not to stay out late, continue wearing his glasses for the act, reduce training with the players, and many other rules.
Chris Goodman and his minions still mocked him and threw shots at him, but he planned to remain calm because he didn't trust what he had become


Tags: rebirth/reborn
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