My Cursed Alpha Prince

My Cursed Alpha Prince


JB Fantasy

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“I am your wife,” she said, her voice betraying her. “I deserve your respect.”
Diana’s heart was racing as Caspian glared at her, eyes full of spite and hatred as he made his way towards her. She refused to run. And when he finally reached her, he pinned her against the wall completely, so close that all she could smell was his scent, and feel the sting of his hateful glare.
“You think this is love?” he asked, his voice cold and void of any emotion. “Then you’re mistaken, Diana. This is your worst nightmare. And I will make sure every day of your life is as painful as the last.”
“You wouldn’t dare,” she said, looking up at him.
“Watch me.”
When Diana Cardale is chosen as the bride for the werewolf prince, she is ecstatic. But when she meets her fiancé, he is cold and distant, clearly unhappy about the arranged marriage. Determined to win over the prince and find happiness, Diana sets out to learn more about the werewolf kingdom and its customs. As she immerses herself in the culture, she begins to unravel the reasons for the prince's animosity and discovers a sinister plot that threatens not only their relationship, but the entire werewolf kingdom. Will Diana be able to prove her worth and save the prince and the kingdom, or will their differences tear them apart?"
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