A Deal With Mr Billionaire

A Deal With Mr Billionaire


Authoress Z Romance

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" Like how much are we talking about ?" I felt the need to ask . Let see if my savings will cover up all the damage .
" $50000"
" 50...what ?" I asked in disbelieve
He shrugged " if you know you can't afford that, then let him rot in jail . I won't let that stupidity of his go for nothing . He might be a student but an irresponsible one . Learn to give him some home training . That boy lacks it "
I scoffed . Is he one to talk ? Didn't he just lied to his father right before my eyes ?
" Please I'll do anything else. I don't have that amount of money , have mercy upon us " I pleaded still on my knees
Alexander pretend to think about it up. The way his eyes brows crease reminds me that this man before me is a Greek god in human form . The heat of the moment didn't give me the chance to stare at him well. Now I know why all these popular female celebrities want to die at his feet .
He is good looking .
" You can take a picture Love " his word snapped me out of my reverie.
" huh!"
" I'll let your brother go but on one condition " he said and I was glad .
" What is that condition?"
" Marry me "


Tags: billionairecontract marriageHEarrogantbadboyheir/heiressdramamysterycityenemies to loverspoor to richseductive
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