Sacrificed to the Dragon

Sacrificed to the Dragon


Karmen Šavc Fantasy

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Katherine sits in her chair and wishes she could do magic, real magic, not just the few parlor tricks her aunt taught her. She would just disappear and hide. They can’t sacrifice her to the beast if they can’t find her, she thinks. But she is too late to do anything and her blood freezes in her veins as she hears the defeated voice of her father.
“Prepare the princess. We cannot afford a war.”


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One year later…

Screams are echoing through the palace and Cellan cringes at every one. He paces the hallway outside of the Royal suite and curses the midwife for throwing him out of the room. He knows that he was growling at the nursemaids, but it’s his precious Katherine suffering and screaming in pain. And it’s all his fa……