Written in Blood

Written in Blood


JY Lewis Fantasy

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Ao Ruang was born with mediocre talent, but with a chance encounter with the last of a dying race he inherited their legacy. Now with the forces of humanity infighting and the return of the dark races. Ao Ruang finds himself caught between the people who call him kin now vs. the people who once considered kin. Meanwhile in the dark and sinister force lies in wait for an opportunity of their own.


Tags: darkbxgboldambitiousvampireswordsman/swordswomansword-and-sorcerymagical worldweak to strongnovice
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A Fight in Vain

Before Ao Ruang could even tap into his Ki a hard kick came to his rib cage sending him staggering several feet. His breath knocked out of him he quickly adjusted and refocused.

Lin Yi who was his opponent had not held back at all with his initial strike. It was clear to him that Lin Yi would turn him black and blue if he allowed it. F……